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Crazy 8´s



The Overlord has solicited the Crazy 8’s, the most feared crime syndicate in Novus, to cause havoc across the city. They smile as they randomly decide whether to kill you or let you go. If you see an 8’er heading in your direction, run the other way.


If a card is drawn (including during a Faction play) that has a value of 8, stop the game after completion of that action. Each player draws 2 Community cards starting with the player whose turn it is. If any draw card is the same color as another, kill it and draw again until all 4 cards are different colors. Each player chooses 1 of their cards; kill all cards on the board of that color. Move all cards on the board from the other color to Allies. Place the 4 drawn cards in the neutral area. Continue playing from where the turn had left off. This Overlord card can only trigger once.