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In the distant future, the population of the world has become fractured and divided after centuries of failed wars and politics. All that remains is a global “Community” that have turned to tribal sectors in the aftermath. These sectors work together only out of self-interest in the survival of their own people creating a complex global network of alliances and enemies.  Among the chaos stand the leaders of Factions, with aspirations to unite the world’s population under their ideals… for better or for worse. These separatists use their champions to influence and manipulate the sectors to their cause and pit themselves against anyone who dares oppose them.

To become the Master of Wills®, you take on the role of a leader of a Faction to win the hearts and minds of the Community and force your will on the world. Every member of each sector can be important to the outcome of any game. Even the lowliest member can turn the tide of a battle because of the relationships with other members of the global community. Every game will have a different hero; it’s your job to choose the right one at the right time and strike down the opposing faction leaders attempts to influence the communities to back their cause.