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A group of nomadic sea travelers were forced to inhabit two islands in the cold and distant northern hemisphere centuries ago. These rugged people somehow survived the tidal apocalypse when a comet damaged the planet’s moon, however they did not escape the wrath of the comet completely. Dust-like particles from the comet penetrated the atmosphere affecting only their small area of the arctic world. It would be decades before the true nature of this unknown infectivity would be realized.

On the island of Svalrland, the conditions of life were harsh. Living in a frozen tundra, in constant low light and darkness required a hardiness not known to most. But the contamination of the comet’s dust took form in strange and haunting ways in this environment. Children were disappearing, blood stains in the snow were consistently found and inhuman sounds could be heard almost every night. Things not seen before in this world had arrived. The truth was that some of the inhabitants had transformed into what many might describe as monsters. Some became ravenous and bloodthirsty, but most had a moderate level of control over both their appearance and habits. These people became the powers of their conclaves and once each recognized that they were not alone, they formed a more cohesive ideology.

The other island was called Annarr and the conditions were not as harsh. There was a healthy population of animals and just enough warmth to have a limited food supply. People developed a strong bond with the animals living around them. At first it seemed innocent, like loving a family pet. However, many began experiencing a cerebral link to the beasts. All who formed a bond would experience a distinct variation of the connection. Sight, smell, sound, power and even thoughts could be found through these links. These people were seen by the collective as remarkable and they became tribal leaders, gaining influence through the relationship with the different species.

As the resources on both islands became exhausted, leadership decided it was time to search for new lands. They took to the seas once more and in time arrived one foggy day at the shores of Novus. There was a particularly uninhabited area of harsh cliffs and rough terrain which these wanderers took for themselves. The leadership of both islands were aware that there was a potential darkness hiding amongst them, so they decided to use their skills and knowledge of the waters to disguise their true nature and power. They found Factions controlling the city and chose to join the ranks by declaring themselves a new Faction named Waterborne.

The secrets of Waterborne are real. Their powers are stranger than fiction. Can they take advantage of these powers or will the other Factions discover how much of a threat they pose and align against them? Waterborne is coming and they will explore an entirely new mechanic to bring to the field of battle.

Special Ability:
Innate Monster Rage and Animal Instinct

Faction Style:
Faction Play Prevention and Expansion.

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