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   The Kermis



The “Kermis” was one of the biggest attractions all in the Edgehunter society would gather to see. This “circus” was an arena in which those captured would fight leaders within the Edgehunter Faction to the death. This was one way in which the Edgehunters promoted from within.



Community Draw



Deal 4 Community cards to you and 3 to opponent. Players play 1 card at a time. High card wins round. Best out of 3 rounds wins Kermis. Opponent plays card first and winner of each round plays the next card first.

If Opponent wins Kermis, they choose and place 1 played card in their Recruits.

If you win Kermis, choose and place 2 of the played cards in your Loyalist.

Tied values go to the player who played his card first. Place the card that you didn´t play in your recruits. Place remaining cards in the neutral area.