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   Aqua Restoration



Even with a lack of water, the understanding of where to pull it from the earth and the power to control it gave these Edgehunter’s a special place in the power structure. They could also drown those who controlled access to it inside the city walls or near the coast.

Instant Play





Instantly place face up in Round Effect after drawn, unless you have an Elemental card in play. If a Faction with (Aqua Restoration) is played, draw 1 community card and kill it.

If card is less than 4, Opponent draws 1 random Afterlife card to Recruits.

If card is between 4-8, draw 1 random Afterlife card and place in Loyalist.

If card is more than 8, choose 1 Afterlife card and place in Loyalist.

May swap card with a different Elemental card at the end of a turn. Only 1 Elemental card allowed on the board at a time