Overlord Game Variant Expansion

Product SpecificationStory
The Overlord Master of Wills game variant is a mind-bending experience where the control of your fate no longer resides in your hands. This thrilling new experience forces all players into uncomfortable situations which require a different style of strategy to navigate. The Overlord has taken the City of Novus by storm… can you defeat your opponent while fending off this new unstoppable force?

The Overlord deck comes with 20 Overlord cards and 1 Help/Rule card.

“With Novus City in chaos from the ongoing Faction Wars and the government authority removed, an opening was created for a powerful force to sweep in and take control of the weakened Comminity.

This new regime, led by a charismatic and powerful figure known only as the Overlord, took over the city and within weeks had turned much of the Community against the Factions. This blindside hit the Factions hard and forced them to reevaluate their strategies. The Overlord must be dealt with before things get out of hand.”