Community Deck 1st Edition

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To become the Master of Wills, you must influence and manipulate The Community to join your Faction. Every Community character can be important to the outcome of any game. A card with a simple value of 1 point can turn the tide of a battle because of the other members of The Community that it influences. Every game will have a different hero; it’s your job to choose the right one at the right time. The Community is made up of eight sectors with each character within playing a different role. Click on any of the Communities below to learn more about the cards and dive deeper into the story behind each character.
This Community set is the original that comes in the 1st Edition game. If you own the 2nd edition this has many unique pieces of original art and cards with alternative movements offering a different style of game play. This an original packaged Community set with 120 cards. First printing.

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